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With the introduction of ever more complex drug therapies and the drive to reduce preventable errors, rapid access when needed to relevant information and trusted medicines information is crucial. Using MIMS, pharmacists can be confident that they have the most current medication resources together with patient and consumer information.

eMIMS and/or the MIMS Annual together with the MIMS Abbreviated are recommended text by the Pharmacy Board of Australia for:

  • A source of current Australian Product Information and Consumer Medicine Information
  • A Drug Interactions reference and
  • An evidence-based reference work on complementary and alternate medicines

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National Pharmacy Board Recommended texts from our product range are:

When you’re dispensing at a rate of knots you need to know the information you want is where you need it, when you need it, that’s why we offer options as to how you can access your MIMS. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have MIMS Integrated into your dispensing software so you can be confident the drug interactions you see there are from your most trusted source.

We know you use eMIMS many times a day so we’ve worked with your dispensing vendor (those who don’t take our data) to ensure you can link out to eMIMS whenever you need to find a PI or CMI and don’t forget, it’s packed full patient counselling materials to support that side of your work. If you’re the sort of pharmacist who works front of shop then iMIMS on your smart phone and iPad maybe just the ticket.

Why not download a 7 day free trial and find out if iMIMS is right for the way you work?


As a hospital pharmacist, you know and understand the benefits of having MIMS content available during your busy work day. Providing everything from the approved full product information, to the abbreviated information which includes PBS (updated with each new release of the PBS), drugs in sport, ADRAC, RADAR, CYP450 and much more, and on to evidence-based drug interactions and pill identification modules, MIMS offers everything you need.

You can even report any adverse drug reactions you find from within your eMIMS and MIMS Online via the ADR link throughout the program (you can find it in the full and abbreviated product information and on the home page). This report is sent directly to the TGA for processing.

Hospital pharmacists have been using the trusted MIMS data for many years and are now also embracing the new mobile MIMS – iMIMS (for iPhone, iPad & iTouch) and MIMS Mobile for all smartphones.

Consultant Pharmacist

Whether you are working in a hospital, aged care or community setting we understand you’re on the move and need to be confident your access to medicine information and drug interactions is available when you need it. That’s why many of you choose to use MIMS Mobile solutions for quick reference and eMIMS for when you need more in depth information about adverse events or drug interactions. Or, simply for reporting your HMRs back to your GP; who you know values MIMS as much as you do.

eMIMS is a product of choice for consultant pharmacists because the drug interactions are all evidence based and the functionality of eMIMS makes them easy to find. The professional information in the Diseases Index helps you keep up to date on optimum treatments for a range of diseases and many of you have found the tools and calculators help your patients understand the risks they face better than words.

You can even report any adverse drug reactions you find from within your eMIMS and MIMS Online and don’t forget you will have access to any ADRAC reports and/or RADAR from the abbreviated product information.