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Medical specialists typically have a great understanding of the drugs used in their specialty. However, in their practice they will be treating patients who have been prescribed medications for other acute and chronic health issues. It’s essential that relevant and trusted medication and clinical knowledge across wide-ranging conditions is instantly available to ensure drug interactions and co-morbidities are recognised. We understand this need and have designed applications that provide the right information to you at the point of care with all the speed and ease of access required for you to manage your demanding workload.

Medical specialists have long sung the praises of the detailed information provided in the MIMS Annual - which is still widely used.  However with the advent of smartphones the full suite of MIMS medicine information is available to these busy, mobile professionals on our iMIMS (for iPhone/iPad/iTouch) and MIMS Mobile products. MIMS is also increasingly available on desktops embedded into the clinical software programs that capture the patient treatment record. MIMS provides these data to software vendors via our MIMS Integrated product which is updated monthly in line with all MIMS electronic products.

MIMS products include support for evaluating prescribing choices based on diagnosis and therapeutic class as well as the convenience of MIMS also being integrated into leading clinical applications which allows for continuous control monitoring to optimise medication related decisions and health outcomes for patients.

Australia’s leading medications reference together with relevant evidence based clinical decision support, plus patient and consumer information, makes MIMS the essential choice for all medical specialists and organisations.