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There are times when, as a busy healthcare professional, you have a pill/s in your hand but do not have any idea what it is, for example, a collection of pills in a plastic bag with the admission of an elderly patient.

The MIMS Pill Identification module provides a fast, easy way to find the information.

A recent example of this was seen by our trainer where an emergency department, faced with an overdose and a pill they could not identify, took 20 minutes to get this information. The characteristics of the pill entered into MIMS Online took .08 of a second!


MIMS Pill Identification allows users to track down a product according to its physical appearance. A healthcare professional faced with an anonymous tablet or capsule can rapidly narrow the field.

The search allows searching according to colour, shape, scoring, formulation or markings of a tablet, which means that just a few clicks can bring up the images of all possible matches for direct comparison.

Within our products, the search results contain standard cross hyperlinks e.g. allowing a rapid jump to check the product’s likely indication, dosing schedule, etc.


The Pill Identification data is available in the following digital products:

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