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The Drug Disease Contraindications Clinical Decision Support Module (CDSM) is a tool that alerts the healthcare provider if prescribed or administered drug(s) interacts with the patient’s illness. An interaction record in this CDSM contains a description of the interaction, what could be expected if there is an interaction, severity of the interaction, strength of the supporting evidence and precautions needed. This helps the healthcare professional and, eventually, the patient to avoid adverse events and toxicities that could be life threatening.


This module is available in our MIMS Integrated product.

The Drug and Disease decision support module is used in a similar manner to the Drug Interactions module, except that the clinical software application displays a medication warning associated with a health condition. The clinician assigns a condition to a patient, which generally uses a standard health condition dataset such as ICPC2+ or ICD10-AM.

The Drug and Disease decision support tool is used in conjunction with the medical conditions stored in the patient’s profile to identify contraindicated drugs and those that warrant caution.

Key Features

  • Data and information are obtained only from recognised published medical literature or internationally accepted drug references, and not from the manufacturer's prescribing information

  • Regular review and updating of information and evidence contained in the database is carried out to ensure that the information is up to date

  • Active alert. Interaction is detected just by scanning or entering the medication

  • Alerts healthcare providers about the severity, references used and description of the interaction

  • Both generic and brand names are recognised

  • This module is fully coded to ICD10 and has full international references attached to all alerts


Below is an example of the type of information available in this module


A patient with epilepsy is prescribed Clozapine.

Patient history Epilepsy
Prescribed Clozapine


This highly valued decision support tool is available for integration into clinical software applications via the MIMS Integrated product.