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The Drug and Lactation Clinical Decision Support Module (CDSM) is a tool that alerts the healthcare provider if drug(s) prescribed or administered to a mother can inhibit lactation, cause harm to the nursing mother or child, or if the drug is indicated in conditions where lactation is a contraindication.



A record in the Drug and Lactation CDSM contains a description on the excretion of the drug into breast milk, the effect of the drug on either the nursing mother or infant, severity of the interaction, and the precautions needed. This helps the healthcare professional and, eventually, the nursing mother to avoid adverse events and toxicities that could be life-threatening to the infant.

Key Feature

  • Data and information are obtained only from recognised published medical literature or internationally accepted drug references, and not from the manufacturer's prescribing information

  • Regular review and updating of information and evidence contained in the database is carried out to ensure that the information is up to date.

  • Alerts healthcare providers about the severity, references used and description of the interaction.

  • Both generic and brand names are recognised.


Our decision support editorial team based in Singapore, comprises of a Managing Editor and clinical database research editors who are either Pharmacists or Doctors. Editors research, review and collate information to be included in the database, and ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

To remain unbiased, data from product information, commercial and non-authoritative references are never used; rather, the information is researched and reviewed using only international references and sources. All information is later proofed by a second editor before it gets released into the database to ensure consistency and accuracy of the information.


This module is available in our MIMS Integrated product