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StrongRoom AI

StrongRoom AI was established in 2017 with the aim of reducing adverse drug events. We launched our first product in 2019 with our full community pharmacy platform following in 2020. Since this time we have had more than 600 community pharmacies coming onboard. 

We launched our conformant electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) and electronic Controlled Drug Register (eCDR) Aged Care platform, StrongCare in 2022. Our main aim is to eliminate adverse drug events. Current technological solutions do not support end-to-end workflow. With heavier expectations to provide better quality of care, aged care providers are spending too much time on paper-based processes instead of focusing on what is most important - quality of care. 

While there are many reasons that adverse drug events occur, one of the major factors identified is the stagnant innovation that has failed to support the system so far. StrongRoom AI deploys a two generational approach to address this enormous problem that presents as a huge risk to residents and can incur extensive costs to the facility and the economy.

We utilise automation and precise software tools that address the following variables – medication errors, allergic reactions, adverse drug reactions, and overdoses. Our focus on design, security, integration, and consolidation ensures we automate and improve workflows so that health practitioners can provide the same quality of care across the facility.


Medilink offers a full range of integrated comprehensive medical software solutions for a paperless practice - large or small, GP, Specialist, Multidisciplinary or Hospital. 

Medilink’s highly credible record of over 27 years, with many first-to-market solutions, speaks volumes. Our high-profile partner MIMS, together with other best-of-breed integrated solutions, helps deliver significant advantages and cost saving benefits.  

Medilink DHR (Digital Health Record) provides access to all tools on one screen while generating new consultations. Medilink’s easy-to-use features include the ability to generate fast clinical notes via user specific templates. Auto generate letters directly from your consultation notes. Easily review past histories on the fly while generating your current consultation. Your patient’s Allergies, Problems, Medications, General Notes, Results, Pathology, Radiology, letters and documents are all visible during your current consultation. Optionally, computer pen stylises can be used for hand writing and drawing on images.

Your subscription with MIMS provides for auto monthly updates. New for 2017 is our cloud based applications and services. 

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Clintel has been in operation since 2006, providing Clinical software to Australian based healthcare providers. Our clients vary from major government departments to individual medical specialists, day surgeries and organisations requiring clinical case management. All development and support is provided from Australia.

Our highly flexible and easy to use web based software CareRight is designed to improve end to end clinical care, automate complex billing, claiming and reporting needs and streamline workflow. CareRight is designed to be used anywhere, on any smart device. 

CareRight's configurable intelligent forms and billing wizards can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Our partners service a wide range of healthcare delivery – from sports medicine to consumer awareness to emergency services such as ambulance to name just a few! The MIMS database has the flexibility to provide different datasets depending on the needs of the end users.

The following list is some of our partners who specialise in this area.


HCS delivers software solutions to support your clinical team in delivering safe health to patients in their care.

This includes full closed loop medicines management - a secure software solution for medical, nursing and pharmacy staff to prescribe, manage and administer medicines from an  electronic chart.

Also now available is the leading blood product management system for hospitals and health services. This delivers a single system for the effective management of supply, storage, cold chain maintenance and clinical management of transfusion through to completion and fating of bloods.


Global Health

Global Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions to the Australian healthcare industry. Global Health’s portfolio supports healthcare delivery in a variety of settings from acute to community settings.

ReferralNet - Connectivity solutions that provide healthcare professionals with a secure and reliable messaging platform that integrates with existing clinical software for the exchange of information between healthcare providers.

MasterCare -  MasterCare EMR is the market leading client management solution designed to allow its users complete scalability and control of their clinical services. The Solution can be cloud hosted for remote access or multi-location services. MasterCare EMR supports any mixture of programs, disciplines and roles which ultimately delivers a truly shared, team-based and client-centric record. MasterCare Plus offers a web-based alternative with customisable modules to suit a variety of needs.

PrimaryClinic – An all encompassing practice and medical management system used by medical practioners and specialists across Australia. This comprehensive platform has a strong emphasis on improving practice workflows and simplifying the way practice staff process patient bookings, payments and claims, ensuring a seamless patient journey. PrimaryClinic Medical is designed for medical practitioners to achieve efficient and quality patient care.

Global Health is also dedicated to streamlining the patient journey by providing solutions such as Lifecard Personal Health Record and HotHealth, an active patient engagement platform. Find out more via the Global Health website:


Health Metrics


Health Metrics are leaders in providing technology and consulting services to the health and aged care sector. Health Metrics are well 'ahead of the curve' in terms of their ground breaking research and development.

Their flagship clinical software system eCase® is a comprehensive client centric enterprise solution. eCase supports the functions of Residential Aged Care, Community Services including disability and ILUs. It is delivering a new era of staff productivity opportunities that enhance the care outcomes for patients, putting “care” back into “electronic clinical care”.

eCase is based upon a clinical pathways model and ensures tight compliance, simplifying accreditation and validation processes. The system is malleable and can be easily configured to your organisational requirements.  



HealthTrack leadership for Specialists and Hospital Departments. HealthTrack is a comprehensive, yet modular Clinical Information Management and Reporting System, incorporating at its heart - a sophisticated Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Practice Management (PM) and Workflow application.

Designed to streamline and automate the majority of your daily operations, our focus is to improve the productivity and profitability of both doctors and staff in hospitals and specialist private practices.


Incisive Medical Systems

A leading provider of software systems for specialist surgeons and physicians, as well as providing solutions for private surgical hospitals, community hospitals, and public hospitals in both Australia and New Zealand.

Specialist practices have been computerised with software provided by Incisive Medical Systems since 1986. The original DOS system was developed by a Plastic Surgeon, and rapidly gained recognition in New Zealand as the market leader in software for Specialist Private Practice (Specialist Practice Manager or SPM short).  With encouragement from specialists already using the software in their private practices, we were requested to develop packages for both Private Hospitals and Public Hospital Departments.

All support queries are answered by Incisive staff trained in the IT industry and with employment experience in specialist practices or surgical hospitals.  This large pool of combined experience coupled with the operating demands of a private practice or hospital make for a very strong working partnership.



A leading provider of practice management systems for general and specialist practice and clinical systems for non-inpatient and ambulatory care across mental, community, sexual, diabetes and older peoples’ health services.

Our robust, high uptime solutions are designed to support scalable delivery of health care up to 3,000-plus users and are renowned for their functional richness and configurability. Key customers include:

  • Western Australia Department of Corrective Services
  • Australian Antarctic Division Polar Medicines Unit
  • Fraser Health Authority (Canada)
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (Canada)
  • Auckland District Health Board (New Zealand)
  • Waitemata District Health Board (New Zealand)
  • New Zealand Defence Force – Medical Information System (New Zealand)

Visual Outcomes

An Australian-developed patient-centred EHR system focused on multi-specialty, multi-site medical and allied health practices as well as university teaching clinics.