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RxPad (Powered by Telecare)

RxPad (Powered by Telecare) is Australia's only standalone e-subscribing solution. RxPad is cloud-based so clinicians can prescribe anywhere on their computer, tablet or mobile.

With an intuitive interface, RxPad simplifies the prescribing process, allowing you to generate accurate prescriptions quickly and effortlessly.

Experience the future of specialist healthcare with RxPad. Transform your practice with efficiency, accuracy and exceptional patient care. Visit for more information.


Medilink offers a full range of integrated comprehensive medical software solutions for a paperless practice - large or small, GP, Specialist, Multidisciplinary or Hospital. 

Medilink’s highly credible record of over 27 years, with many first-to-market solutions, speaks volumes. Our high-profile partner MIMS, together with other best-of-breed integrated solutions, helps deliver significant advantages and cost saving benefits.  

Medilink DHR (Digital Health Record) provides access to all tools on one screen while generating new consultations. Medilink’s easy-to-use features include the ability to generate fast clinical notes via user specific templates. Auto generate letters directly from your consultation notes. Easily review past histories on the fly while generating your current consultation. Your patient’s Allergies, Problems, Medications, General Notes, Results, Pathology, Radiology, letters and documents are all visible during your current consultation. Optionally, computer pen stylises can be used for hand writing and drawing on images.

Your subscription with MIMS provides for auto monthly updates. New for 2017 is our cloud based applications and services. 

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Clintel has been in operation since 2006, providing Clinical software to Australian based healthcare providers. Our clients vary from major government departments to individual medical specialists, day surgeries and organisations requiring clinical case management. All development and support is provided from Australia.

Our highly flexible and easy to use web based software CareRight is designed to improve end to end clinical care, automate complex billing, claiming and reporting needs and streamline workflow. CareRight is designed to be used anywhere, on any smart device. 

CareRight's configurable intelligent forms and billing wizards can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements.


Citadel Health

Citadel Health is part of the Citadel Group, a leading software and services company that specialises in secure enterprise information management in complex environments. Citadel provides these services to Health, National Security, Defence, Education and all levels of Government.

For more than 30 years, Citadel Health has specialised in creating and supporting software solutions, products and managed services for clinical applications, including diagnostic pathology and medical oncology applications in public and private hospitals. Citadel Health is a trusted provider of a wide range of solutions and services that enable clients to optimise, integrate and innovate across their health operations.



An innovative health informatics company that specialises in clinical products that improve productivity, safety and efficiency.


Clinical Computing

For over 30 years Clinical Computing has provided clinical information technology to support clinicians around the world effectively manage patients through all stages of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and assist multi-disciplinary care teams effectively deliver end stage renal disease programs. Clinical Computing is focused solely upon the delivery of highly integrated and distributed Renal Systems.

Clinicalvision V is the latest generation of clinical information systems developed by Clinical Computing. Our technology has been developed specifically to enhance the effective capture of information from multiple in-house and 3rd party sources of patient data and then consolidate it as a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record.



A cloud based system that delivers clinical management software, investigator initiated clinical trial capability and peer collaboration across organisations and locations in one elegant platform.

EpiSoft has created CareZones for numerous diseases and care needs including IBD, Asthma, Surgery assurance testing and Mental health. Each CareZone is tailored to the specific needs of the particular disease state. Clinicians have access to de-identified data from large cohorts of patients across the network against which they can benchmark their clinical practice. 

Direct Control

Sophisticated software that is SQL.NET for Scalability offering both desktop and browser apps to include Provider and Patient Portals that is interoperable with the many other applications of choice (LIS, RIS, OIS, EMR, etc).

Patient Centric for Scheduling, Billing and Clinical (Allergies, Clinical Alerts, Images, Medications, Observations, Progress Notes, Requests) to include the Hospital Stay from Admission to Discharge incorporating Clinical Coding and Statutory Reporting per state plus HCP and PHDB.

Multi-disciplinary, Multi-location and Multi ABNs exporting to the Accounting application to include Technology One, MYOB, XERO at no additional charge facilitating Stock CONTROL.

Automated fee updates per state to include Work Cover.

Best of both Cloud and desktop with Customisable Dashboards per user with intelligent reporting and brilliant workflow for all medical disciplines to include the Hospital

1. Verification

2. Online Eligibility Check (OEC)

3. Take Prepayment

4. Generate Informed Financial Consent (IFC)

5. Convert to Invoice

6. Claim (Patient Claim, Bulk Bill, DVA, ECLIPSE, In Hospital Claims, Lantern Pay)

7. Receipt Automatically

8. Report

Affordable, Intuitive and Educational.


InterSystems Corporation

Aglobal leader in software for connected care, with headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offices in 25 countries. InterSystems TrakCare™ is an Internet -based unified healthcare information system that rapidly delivers the benefits of an Electronic Patient Record.


Smart Health

A pioneer in the deployment of cloud based eHealth solutions in Australia.  Smart Health has developed and implemented Australia's most widely deployed cross-practice and cross-jurisdiction shared Electronic Health Record solution and associated chronic disease information management programs.

In addition to Smart Health Clinical systems we also provide web based solutions for:

  • Smart Clinic – a cross-practice, multi-site clinic booking solution for healthcare practices
  • Smart Message Gateway – an interfacing engine supporting secure real-time authenticated interfaces to external systems
  • Smart Conformant Repository -  This capability supports large-scale collaboration between healthcare practices, as well as connectivity to the National Electronic Health Record. It also provides a shared Electronic Health Record hub for seamless movement of patients between points of care for multisite health care services regardless of location and jurisdiction

Other Smart Health Services. We provide a range of consultation, planning and development services to deliver end-to-end eHealth programs that can be customised to meet the requirements of healthcare provider services

Global Health

Global Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions to the Australian healthcare industry. Global Health’s portfolio supports healthcare delivery in a variety of settings from acute to community settings.

ReferralNet - A connectivity solution that can send and receive patient information directly from enterprise applications, facilitating the exchange of information between healthcare providers.

MasterCare -  MasterCare PAS drives best practice workflows in appointment scheduling, theatre bookings and bed management. MasterCare PAS is used across a variety of hospital settings, from day procedure services to complex multidisciplinary hospitals. The Solution can be cloud hosted for remote access or multi-location services. MasterCare Plus offers a web-based alternative with customisable modules to suit a variety of needs.

Global Health is also dedicated to streamlining the patient journey by providing solutions such as Lifecard Patient Portal, Lifecard Personal Health Record and HotHealth, an active patient engagement platform. Find out more via the Global Health website:

The MIMS database is used widely by vendors servicing the acute care sector both as electronic health records (EHRs) and individual specialised applications.  Wherever medicines data is required e.g. prescribing, dispensing or administration, MIMS can seamlessly integrate with the patient records providing immediate drug information for the healthcare professional.

Below are some of our partners who specialise in this area.