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RxPad (Powered by Telecare)

RxPad (Powered by Telecare) is Australia's only standalone e-subscribing solution. RxPad is cloud-based so clinicians can prescribe anywhere on their computer, tablet or mobile.

With an intuitive interface, RxPad simplifies the prescribing process, allowing you to generate accurate prescriptions quickly and effortlessly.

Experience the future of specialist healthcare with RxPad. Transform your practice with efficiency, accuracy and exceptional patient care. Visit for more information.

Best Practice

Best Practice Software is a leading Australian provider of medical software.

Since launching in 2004, Best Practice has forged a reputation for quality products, great user functionality, and excellent customer support.  We’ve partnered with medical practitioners to deliver a range of cutting-edge and user-friendly clinical and management software solutions, designed for simplicity, easy operation, feature-rich applications and real world dependability.  We provide updates and enhancements, and regularly engage with our customers with tailored training solutions and user events.  Our reputation is built on trust, and our products and support services are delivered with our customers in mind.

Best Practice sets the standard for GP clinical software in Australia offering a flexible suite of products designed for the busy GP practice, including:

Bp Clinical - An SQL application that is rich in functionality while being fast, stable and robust.  The product has been specifically designed to improve efficiencies with the medical practice, allowing the busy doctor to maintain quality electronic patient records, transfer information securely between agents (like results from pathology services), produce safe and legible prescriptions, and better manage preventative health care protocols for patients.  Drug database material is updated via the company website and most surgeries download this information via Broadband on a monthly basis, meaning that the doctors have instant access to the most up-to-date information available.

Bp Management - A premium billing and appointment book module that can be used with the core clinical software application.  Launched in mid-2006, the product provides practices with a fully integrated option to other products in the market.  It incorporates Medicare Australia’s Online Claiming, allowing doctors to submit Medicare and DVA Bulk Bill claims electronically and have them processed and paid overnight, and the popular Tyro EFT Payment Solutions module.

Bp SMS - Your appointment reminder cards may disappear in their jeans pockets going through the wash but today’s patients can’t forget appointments when you remind them via their constant companion, their mobile phone!  For just a few cents and virtually no effort, new automatic SMS reminders (and confirmation reply) in Best Practice can do much to eliminate the cost and disruption of No Shows.  There’s no faster, more streamlined system than Best Practice SMS!



Medilink offers a full range of integrated comprehensive medical software solutions for a paperless practice - large or small, GP, Specialist, Multidisciplinary or Hospital. 

Medilink’s highly credible record of over 27 years, with many first-to-market solutions, speaks volumes. Our high-profile partner MIMS, together with other best-of-breed integrated solutions, helps deliver significant advantages and cost saving benefits.  

Medilink DHR (Digital Health Record) provides access to all tools on one screen while generating new consultations. Medilink’s easy-to-use features include the ability to generate fast clinical notes via user specific templates. Auto generate letters directly from your consultation notes. Easily review past histories on the fly while generating your current consultation. Your patient’s Allergies, Problems, Medications, General Notes, Results, Pathology, Radiology, letters and documents are all visible during your current consultation. Optionally, computer pen stylises can be used for hand writing and drawing on images.

Your subscription with MIMS provides for auto monthly updates. New for 2017 is our cloud based applications and services. 

Call 1800 623 633 for a demonstration or more information.



Mediclinic is a true cloud based solution; fully functioning and providing a complete practice management and electronic medical record.

The EMR has all the features you would expect including MIMS Integrated. Access is available from multi- clinic, multi-location, and by multi practitioner and includes unlimited administration. Online bookings for patients and Medicare and DVA online claiming mean practices can easily manage patient’s services. Mediclinic’s Aged Care module is specifically designed for HC, LC, Medicare, DVA Home Visits and Emergency Visits.

Mediclinic understand the value and importance of your information so security of your patients and practice records is of the utmost priority to the Mediclinic team. Patient and Practice Data, stored on Australian servers, is encrypted and with security that is the equivalent of the banking sector.

Support is offered and for a small additional cost Mediclinic staff can take your calls during busy periods, after hours, before hours, and weekends.

To take up the offer of a 30 day FREE TRIAL or find more information about Mediclnic’s Cloud based Practice and Clinical cloud based solution visit.

Clinic to Cloud

Clinic to Cloud is a secure, scalable Medical Practice Management Platform that optimises practice operations, improves financial performance and delivers better patient experiences. 

Designed for today’s in-demand health professional, Clinic to Cloud powers a mobile-enabled, connected care ecosystem that frees up time to focus on what is most important: the patient. 

With intuitive workflow automations and seamless integrations, Clinic to Cloud gives healthcare professionals and their patients access to all the information they need, when they need it. 

Thousands of healthcare professionals around the world rely on Clinic to Cloud to be more efficient, profitable and patient-centric.

Zedmed Medical Software Solutions

At Zedmed, we provide general practice, specialist and allied health clinics with turnkey software solutions for their most common practice needs. We’re committed to producing best in class products and services and are consistently striving to provide additional value-added products and services to help practices work more profitably and efficiently, so our customers can focus on delivering patient care. 

Zedmed Office and Zedmed Clinical combine to provide a powerful, sophisticated practice management and clinical records solution. With personalised training, installation and data conversions from almost all software packages, we ensure a smooth transition to Zedmed software.



Provides medical software to healthcare including; Practice management software for Medical Specialists to manage medical records, appointments, surgical lists, practice management, patient billing (including Medicare) and day surgery management.

Residential or Aged care software to manage resident assessment, documentation, case management and billing. Hospitals (Public and Private), Community, Mental health and Disability support services to manage clinical care delivery and decision support for doctors, nurses, specialists and allied health professionals. Justice Health to provide an electronic health record for prisoners in correctional facilities.

Stat Health Systems

Stat is an integrated clinical and practice management application which has embraced the latest Microsoft technology to build a new generation solution.

Fully scalable and the only medical software application to incorporate a multi-functional intuitive interface, Stat is at the forefront of computing technology.

Pen Computer Systems Pty Ltd

(PCS) was established in 1993 as a health informatics company with a focus on the Primary Health Care sector. The company’s directors carried forward the knowledge and experience of Foundation Medical  Systems Pty Ltd, an organisation that led the introduction of dispensary computers in Australian community and hospital pharmacies.

Global Health

Global Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions to the Australian healthcare industry. Global Health’s portfolio supports healthcare delivery in a variety of settings from acute to community settings.

ReferralNet - Connectivity solutions that provide healthcare professionals with a secure and reliable messaging platform that integrates with existing clinical software for the exchange of information between healthcare providers.

MasterCare -  MasterCare EMR is the market leading client management solution designed to allow its users complete scalability and control of their clinical services. The Solution can be cloud hosted for remote access or multi-location services. MasterCare EMR supports any mixture of programs, disciplines and roles which ultimately delivers a truly shared, team-based and client-centric record. MasterCare Plus offers a web-based alternative with customisable modules to suit a variety of needs.

PrimaryClinic – An all encompassing practice and medical management system used by medical practioners and specialists across Australia. This comprehensive platform has a strong emphasis on improving practice workflows and simplifying the way practice staff process patient bookings, payments and claims, ensuring a seamless patient journey. PrimaryClinic Medical is designed for medical practitioners to achieve efficient and quality patient care.

Global Health is also dedicated to streamlining the patient journey by providing solutions such as Lifecard Personal Health Record and HotHealth, an active patient engagement platform. Find out more via the Global Health website:


MedTech Global

For 25 years, Medtech Global has been enhancing the quality of patient care by working with healthcare professionals in developing and delivering award winning industry-proven technology products - giving value to and connecting the entire healthcare community.

Our technology solutions are both sophisticated and user-friendly, designed for the comprehensive management of patient information throughout all aspects of primary and secondary healthcare, mental health and corporate health. We are the largest provider of technology solutions in New Zealand primary healthcare, and the second largest in Australia. Our products are also widely used in several countries including Ireland, India, Singapore, Brunei, United States and Pacific Islands.

Direct Control

Sophisticated software that is SQL.NET for Scalability offering both desktop and browser apps to include Provider and Patient Portals that is interoperable with the many other applications of choice (LIS, RIS, OIS, EMR, etc).

Patient Centric for Scheduling, Billing and Clinical (Allergies, Clinical Alerts, Images, Medications, Observations, Progress Notes, Requests) to include the Hospital Stay from Admission to Discharge incorporating Clinical Coding and Statutory Reporting per state plus HCP and PHDB.

Multi-disciplinary, Multi-location and Multi ABNs exporting to the Accounting application to include Technology One, MYOB, XERO at no additional charge facilitating Stock CONTROL.

Automated fee updates per state to include Work Cover.

Best of both Cloud and desktop with Customisable Dashboards per user with intelligent reporting and brilliant workflow for all medical disciplines to include the Hospital

1. Verification

2. Online Eligibility Check (OEC)

3. Take Prepayment

4. Generate Informed Financial Consent (IFC)

5. Convert to Invoice

6. Claim (Patient Claim, Bulk Bill, DVA, ECLIPSE, In Hospital Claims, Lantern Pay)

7. Receipt Automatically

8. Report

Affordable, Intuitive and Educational.



A leading integrated healthcare information management system, designed and owned by Communicare Systems; a Perth-based, Australia-wide information solutions provider.

Users of the company’s primary product, Communicare, come from areas across the healthcare sector, where the emphasis is on holistic client management. Mostly from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and community services organisations, Communicare users are the main drivers behind the product’s development and direction.

Services using Communicare range from small Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) to large scale complete healthcare providers.

Best described as a complete healthcare record and preventative management system, Communicare provides a clinical information record, appointments, recall, document management and powerful reporting capabilities. Communicare also provides integration with leading healthcare resources such as MIMS Integrated and ICPC2+.

Working with service providers, Communicare captures reporting for state and federal requirements, including working with stakeholders such as the Department of Health & Ageing, the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATISH) and health departments around the country.

MIMS supplies its medicine database to clinical software applications that service over 50% of the general practitioner market in Australia.  These applications enable practitioners to safely prescribe using the extensive, trusted MIMS data as well as check interactions e.g. two or more drugs, drug and allergy or duplicate ingredients.

The following list is some of our partners who specialise in this area.