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The development and expansion of the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS) has been given a boost through a generous donation of $2000 from MIMS. The donation will be put towards developing a Pharmacists’ Support Service website which will include a host of resources and information to support and assist pharmacists.

The website will enable PSS to broaden its outreach to pharmacists throughout Australia. Currently the service only has adequate funds to provide a telephone service between 8am and 11pm to Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory. A website with links to useful information will provide pharmacists throughout Australia with a valuable resource that they can access 24 hours a day.

John Coppock, President of PSS, reported “PSS plans to use communications technology to develop novel ways of providing support to pharmacists. A PSS website will be available to pharmacists across time zones, day and night and will equip pharmacists with information and links to a range of resources.”

John also noted that PSS does not however underestimate the value of a listening ear from a colleague and that the telephone service will also be expanded across all states of Australia when adequate ongoing funding becomes available. John said he hopes that the generosity of MIMS will set a precedent to be followed by other organisations involved with the pharmacy profession.

John reported that although PSS largely functions through the generous work of volunteers as PSS expands there is a greater need for administration and background support for the volunteers. John noted that training of the volunteers is a significant cost but it is essential to ensure the quality of the service. John said that the many administrative expenses for PSS include insurance, registration fees, telephone and postage and other overheads.

Donations to the work of PSS are tax deductible. Anyone wishing to support the work of PSS by making a donation should direct their donation to PSS c/o 381 Royal Pde, Parkville 3052. Donations can also be made over the phone using a credit card through the PSA (Victorian Branch) office on (03) 9389 4000 or by direct deposit into the PSS bank account BSB 083155 and account number 481820199 (please include a name and contact details so that a receipt can be issued).

Pharmacists requiring assistance can contact PSS for anonymous and discreet support on 1300 244 910 between 8.00 am and 11.00 pm every day of the year.

PSS is an independent incorporated association which receives funding and support from the following organisations which are all represented on the PSS Management Committee:

  • Australian Friendly Societies Pharmacies Association
  • Pharmaceutical Defence Ltd
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Victoria Ltd
  • Pharmacists’ Division of APESMA
  • Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.

Date of release: 14/2/12
Media enquiries to:
John Coppock, President PSS, 0417 054 181 or Kay Dunkley, Program Co-ordinator PSS, 0407 755 598