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Subscribers to MIMS that have implemented the StrongCare electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) will be able to utilise the high quality information and evidence-based support tools at the point of care.

The Aged Care sector has been identified as a high risk for medication misadventure. The Aged Care workforce is at capacity and timely access to current and practical information during normal workflows is the most effective way to provide valuable medicines information to the caregivers at the time of administration. 

Additionally, clinical decision support tools at the time of prescribing assist in the prevention of errors. The integrated MIMS Pill ID gives assurance to caregivers that the correct medication is administered at all times.

MIMS and StrongRoom AI are making medications safer in Aged Care.


“Through our collaboration with MIMS Australia, we are making medications safer in the Aged Care sector. Our focus on design, security, integration, and consolidation ensures that health practitioners can consistently provide the same high quality of care and eliminate adverse drug events. We look forward to working with them further across our products in community pharmacy and hospitals in the near future."

Max Mito
CEO, StrongRoom AI


“Ensuring medication safety for all is a critical component of quality care, and by partnering with StrongRoom AI, we can provide users with the most up-to-date medication knowledge, giving them greater confidence in their medication management processes. This collaboration will also allow for streamlined medication administration processes, enabling healthcare providers to spend more time with their patients and less time on administrative tasks”.

Robert Best
CEO, MIMS Australia and New Zealand
President MSIA (Medical Software Industry Association)


MEDIA RELEASE Monday, 8 May 2023