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Xavier Agostino named MIMS PSA Victorian Intern of the Year

Xavier Agostino from the MyChemist Northland is the 2015 MIMS PSA Victorian Intern of the Year.

He was presented with is award by Dinah Graham from MIMS at the Victorian Pharmacists Dinner on Friday evening, 20 November.

Xavier’s nomination said that: “Xavier’s leadership skills and previous experience working in community pharmacy were a welcome addition to the team.

“It has been a pleasure to be able to watch Xavier flourish in his intern year. His success throughout the year can be attributed to his determination to always get the best out of himself and the people around him.

“He understands the synergy between the professional and retail aspects of community pharmacy. On numerous occasions Xavier has implemented positive change in both sides of the business.”

The nomination said that Xavier is a true professional. “He is not content with simply meeting acceptable industry standards. He always goes above and beyond to exceed the standard.”

Xavier has been proactively identifying patients with poor medicine adherence and contacting their treating doctors to discuss options in their medicine regime to ensure safe use, better compliance and overall improved health outcome for them.

“As an intern, he established a fall prevention promotional program at the pharmacy. It was such a success that a number of elderly patients were taken off their benzodiazepines by their doctors as a result.”

Dinah Graham from MIMS Australia said: “Being able to provide an award for excellence such as the MIMS PSA Intern of the Year Award is something the team from MIMS relishes. We are all passionate about the safe use of medicines and pharmacists are in the forefront of this area of patient care each every day.

“To see the enthusiasm and appetite for patient centred care displayed by these young interns shows a vital and successful future for community pharmacy.” MIMS is the sponsor of this award and contributes the major prize of $2,000 to each State winner to be used to attend PSA16, the PSA national conference in Sydney.

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November 24, 2015