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Responding to demand from clients, particularly employees of Australian State health services, MIMS has just launched the first Australian medicines app for Android devices. Whilst there are a variety of internet enabled medicines applications, these are not suitable for hospitals due to the lack of access to wireless internet and blackspots in many public hospitals. In addition, mobile healthcare professionals and those working in remote locations are also often hindered by blackspots and lack of wireless connectivity. Until now, Android users have been at a disadvantage due to the lack of a locally installed Australian medicines app.

The launch is the latest to complement MIMS mobile suite, which includes iMIMS (a locally installed app for Apple devices), MIMS mobile (an internet enabled version of MIMS), and eMIMS Cloud (recently redesigned to be accessible from a variety of operating systems and devices using a web browser). With the increasing popularity of mobile devices in the Australian healthcare environment, it is now more important than ever to support clinicians, pharmacists and nurses with the ability to access information wherever and whenever they need it.

The MIMS for Android app includes the ability to search the entire MIMS Abbreviated and Full Product Information database, as well as accessing its evidence based drug decision support tools and a comprehensive pill identifier database. The layout of information is designed to be readable on smartphones and tablet devices of varying screen sizes and resolutions. Users can also increase and decrease the text size to suit their needs. More information on MIMS for Android, including devices supported, is available from The app will be available to all enterprise accounts, as well as to individual subscribers. The development of MIMS for Android is core to the MIMS philosophy of enabling the healthcare workforce to have access to the most current and comprehensive medicines information whenever they need it.

24 September 2014
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