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Much loved and valued by vets around Australia, the sturdy reference book and the CD ROM for your PC brings the latest information to your fingertips. A comprehensive, on-the-shelf source for all registered veterinary medicines and related products in Australia.



The IVS products give detailed product and prescribing information for veterinary practitioners, classified by therapeutic category, on veterinary medicines and products available throughout Australia. The IVS Annual contains information on over 2,500 products, one-third of which are revised each year.

  • MIMS IVS products also provide:
  • General reference information, such as physiological data
  • Pathology reference ranges
  • Gestation calculator
  • Export slaughter intervals and withholding periods
  • Adverse experience reporting forms
  • Exotic disease outbreak protocols
  • Wholesaler and distributor information
  • Detailed information on most new products when they are registered, as well as product revisions
  • Detailed Maximum Residue Limits table (IVS CD only)
  • More than 1,600 Material Safety Data Sheets linked to the products (IVS CD only). These are valuable for veterinarians updating their MSDS collection for OH&S purposes

Fully indexed and organised by therapeutic category, each issue is carefully checked by our editors.

The MIMS IVS CD multi-search feature allows searches by: generic, therapeutic class, action, indication and manufacturer and withholding periods.

Product Information

This invaluable information comes in two forms:

  • Book - a sturdy, hardcover A5 book to withstand a year’s worth of consulting
  • CD ROM for your PC / laptop (Windows)

The book is updated annually - the 2019 issue is available in December.

IVS CD is updated annually in December.


Updates via CD are released two times a year – June and December.

The CD will be sent to valid subscribers by post.

Please note CD release data will not be available on the MIMS Australia website for download