January 2017

Important New Products

• Afluria Quad (inactivated quadrivalent influenza vaccine) is a purified, inactivated, split virion ...(more)
• Hexvix (hexaminolevulinate (as hydrochloride)) is a blue light cystoscopy imaging agent for ...(more)
• Invega Trinza (paliperidone palmitate) is a psychotropic agent belonging to the chemical ...(more)
• Movapo (apomorphine hydrochloride) is a directly acting dopamine receptor agonist, ...(more)
• Movapo PFS (apomorphine hydrochloride) is a directly acting dopamine receptor agonist, ...(more)

Safety Related Changes

• Erythrocin IV (erythromycin lactobionate) is contraindicated in the case of hypersensitivity ...(more)

IMgateway Drug Herb and Food and Supplement interaction database

Recent updates to the Interactions Database

The Interactions Database continues to expand, now including over 900 interactions . Recent additions include comprehensive advice on interactions between commonly consumed traditional medicines, supplements with a range of conventional medicines. New information includes interactions in the following areas: 

Deleted Products

• Apomine Injection
• Apomine PFS
• Caltrate 600mg with 500IU Vitamin D
• Caltrate plus with 500IU vitamin D & minerals 

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