November 2014

From the Desk of the Managing Editor

This month, from the desk of the managing editor, we thought you would find it interesting to reproduce the following article that was authored by Geraldine Moses and appeared in the latest MIMS Matters. Click here.

Together with Debbie Rigby, Geraldine runs seminars on managing drug interactions. 
For more information or to register please contact them through their website 

Drug, food interactions are available together with drug, herb and drug, supplements as an add on module to eMIMSCloud, eMIMSDesktop and eMIMS Classic. The IMgateway Drug Herb, Food and Supplement interaction database is included as an optional extra in eMIMS. This unique interactions database has been developed by Sydney University and is an ideal resource for Pharmacists, General Practitioners, Health Care Professionals and Students. Click here to find out more.
A review of some of the most important safety related changes, new indications and formulations changes we have made to the MIMS Product Information this month. Click on the below to access:

Important New Products

Safety Related Changes
Deleted Products
Full Prescribing Update

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