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August Training Update

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Congratulations to Michelle Horne of Melbourne, the winner of our Smartphone competition! Michelle has won an iPhone from her entry: "My favourite MIMS product iMIMS: iMIMS is with me at the bedside every time. No logins or free desktops required. We live in a mobile generation. Gen i !"

Thank you to all who participated and please check back for more opportunities to win with MIMS!

Top Training Questions

Q: I want to email some medicine information to a patient. How do I do that?
A: When in MIMS Online, open the CMI tab of the drug you wish to send. Click the email link at the top right of the document. This will open an email box for you to enter the patient’s email details. The CMI is attached as a PDF document in the main body of the email. Select send.
Note: This is not utilising your email account so the patient does not have your details.

Q: How do I give feedback to MIMS?
There is a Feedback button at the bottom of every MIMS Online screen. Follow the prompts to send to us. Alternatively you can always call us on 1800 800 629 or email 

Please email your questions about our products to


NEW Drug Herb Interactions

Take our 3 month free trial of the NEW MIMS evidence based Complementary V Mainstream drug interactions module; are ‘yours’ and ‘their’ medications going to be compatible? Are they truly complementary to the ones you prescribe or dispense? Or are they likely to interact in adverse ways you really can’t be sure about?.. more


  • Complete MIMS Medicine Information on Android and Windows Phones - more


  • What is an App? - more


  • Streamlined Authority Codes in MIMS - more

Popular Posters!

In an effort to encourage better usage of decision support for medication management, MIMS has developed posters such as MIMS Online below that will be freely available to our clients to display within their work areas.

The posters are A3 size and will fit comfortably on most noticeboards. Put them around your ward/unit to encourage staff to use these useful modules.

Please contact to receive your free posters!

Pill Identification in MIMS Online

You know MIMS Online will save you time. How about its potentially lifesaving qualities?

Consider the scenario:
The patient has the pill with them and can't tell you what it is. The mystery medication seems to be having a serious effect. Using the unique Pill ID function in MIMS Online you'll be able to home in on the likely culprit in a matter of seconds.


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