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September 2013 Training Update

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Announcements - iMIMS on iOS7 - Issues and Solutions

ios7_logo_small.pngAs many of you already know, Apple launched iOS7 on 19 Sep 2013.  iMIMS has not changed, however there are a couple of important issues that you need to be aware of.

MIMS will be releasing an App update soon but in the meantime, please read this article to ensure that you are able to continue using iMIMS.

Top Training Questions

Q: How do I download the iPhone app, iMIMS?
A: 1. Search for iMIMS on the App Store

2. Download and install iMIMS onto your iPhone or iPad

3. Register for the iMIMS trial at

Please email your questions about our products to

The New eMIMS

eMIMS gets a makeover and looks and feels years younger. Meet eMIMSCloud and soon eMIMSDesktop.

It was 17 year ago that eMIMS was launched and in those years it has become the most used and loved resource for many MIMS customers from all areas of healthcare.... more


  • Using the IMGateway drug interactions in the new eMIMSCloud - more


  • iMIMS is moving - more


  • Renewing your subscription for iMIMS - more


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