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April, 2013 Training Update

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MIMS is delighted to offer free training at your workplace.

Following the very successful on-site training conducted in 2012, our product training group is currently organising visits to all states and territories.

Training slots are likely to fill up quickly so if you would like MIMS to visit you, please contact ASAP!

Top Training Question

Q: What is a ‘Drug Class’?  How do I search for a medication by Drug Class?
A: Type the Drug class in the search box in full and “enter”. All drugs for that Therapeutic Class will be displayed. Alternatively, select the “Browse” button to the right of the search box. Select Therapeutic class tab at the top of the page. A tree menu will appear on the left side of the screen. This can be expanded by “expand All” at the top of this section or clicking on the + symbol next to the Therapeutic Class you are interested in. All the drugs relevant to your Therapeutic Class appear on the Right side of the screen by both brand and generic molecule. Select the product or generic of interest to get the information you require.


Please email your questions about our products to

The Nurses Guide to Fast Searching of Medicines Information in MIMS Online

Every nurse knows the little MIMS book, MIMS Abbreviated, which has been on the drug trolley of every ward for nearly 50 years. This great book is still very widely used by nurses for a quick check on medications during administration rounds. However, all state public hospitals and the majority of private hospitals now have the electronic version of MIMS, “MIMS Online” available at every nurse’s station... more


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