February 2015

From the Desk of the Managing Editor

MIMS aims to provide a comprehensive listing of medicines information that comprises of TGA approved product information and OTC preparations. In order that the medicines information published by MIMS remains relevant to the health community, the currency of these listings is also of vital importance.

We continually receive new and updated PIs and CMIs from various sources. Our team of editors process up to 200 new and updated monographs, which are included in MIMS monthly data releases. A proactive approach in obtaining the most up-to-date PI and CMI is an integral part of the editorial workflow. This ensures that MIMS is able to promptly publish any critical changes to PIs and CMIs.

Apart from TGA approved PIs and CMIs, MIMS also publishes information on a variety of OTC products including herbal and vitamin preparations. In the absence of a TGA approved PI, the monographs for these products are prepared using information taken from the TGA approved product labels.

MIMS remains an important and up-to-date reference resource for health professionals because we are constantly improving processes in obtaining and publishing information in a timely manner.

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